heard and read this week

heard and read this week

i am a proud graduate of kenyon college; it’s one of the weirdest and most wonderful places on planet earth, and it’s chalk full of some of the weirdest and most wonderful people on planet earth. [any kenyon person will take that as a compliment.]

it’s here that i learned that people say really funny things – consciously, unconsciously, funny, smart, witty, simple, complex.

my senior year at kenyon, i took a full-year playwriting course. [a classmate? kristen orlando who writes the black angel chronicles series.] it was in that class that i started voice-recording conversations with people to then play them back and pay attention to how people talk. since then, i’ve become fanatical about making sure every piece i write sounds like it’s someone talking.

i still voice-record a lot of interviews – all with everyone’s permission, always – so that i can pay attention to the conversation as it’s unfolding, but then so i can play it back. in playing things back – or maybe just in paying attention the first time or listening intently if i’m not recording – i hear really great things.



“i’m hungry to invest in people.” – said by jarrod barnes of primeu; read the full scoop via the link with his name.

“it’s just the right thing to do.” – said by a client describing why he cares so damn much about delivering quality customer service.

“i think one of your biggest pain points is what makes you scalable.” – said by dave newell of evolve leadership as he helped me plan the next steps for toth shop. man, my hesitancy to put processes in places is holding me back? okay, i’m officially listening now.



think you should read: jason witten’s retirement speech 
fell in love with these lyrics just this week [listen]: “for forever” from dear evan hansen
have you ever heard this song? i’m obsessed.



a question on the final exam for my career connections class: challenge yourself to something new or different that’ll build a skill for your career; write it out here, and then tell me what resulted. one student’s response on her paper: “This week, I sat with people [who] were sitting by themselves at lunch for the entire week. I was able to meet new people, and this also allowed me to practice my communication skills.  In the end, it was really beneficial to me because I was able to navigate somewhat awkward situations in order to bond with new people that I have not met before. Also, it made me feel good because everyone that I talked to said that they were happy that I came to sit with them.” [believe in magic like that.]

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