two minutes of advice on fear, ideas, not making decisions & all that’s possible

two minutes of advice on fear, ideas, not making decisions & all that’s possible

About a year ago now, I went on local, morning television show to talk business advice for women and young people given by experience with both.

Now, let me just say this first – Morning television is a funny thing if you step back and think about it. Any time I’ve done it, I end up on an island of misfit toys. Only in morning television does it makes sense to have a children’s book, a chiropractor, and a summer shoe segment in the same ten minutes, if you know what I mean. It’s actually pretty funny if you don’t take it too seriously.

This time – it was a big, sweet bloodhound looking for a home, Taylor Hicks, Darrell Hammond, and me. I mean, seriously.

Darrell Hammond was on the show to talk about an appearance at the Comedy Zone; I’m not sure if he was tired or jet-lagged or hungover or whatever as he bought a Diet Coke and Lunchable from the studio’s vending machine in the green room, but he was slow or hesitant or whatever to do the famous impressions that the morning show team wanted him to do.

Which meant a couple of things, but mainly – and I’ll admit selfishly – that my four minutes on camera got cut  into two minutes.  I made it work. (Special note: I hate my lipstick [or lack there of?] and my hair in this clip, but whatever.) I used those two minutes – probably closer to 1:30 – for some half-decent good. I was able to sneak in the first piece of advice, but here’s the rest – two more minutes – of the advice I’d give if I’m talking business, ideas, fear, not making decisions, and what’s possible.


Take one step every day.

I said a variation of this on the show, but it didn’t come out right, damnit. Yes, I believe in finding a way to push your idea one step further in whatever works for you – every day, every week, every month. I do think that’s true. I would push you to What I really meant to say was take one step, every, single day towards the goal. Even if it’s small. Even if it’s simple. Even if it’s something like put that thing in the mail. (Hell, maybe it’s even getting out of bed. There are those days.)

I think sometimes we think that when we start something we need to crack cold fusion in, like, a month. Not the case. Somedays my entire to-do list are lots of little things. Annoying – but real.

Just keep the ball rolling.


Get out of your own way.

Darryl Bellamy talks a lot about fear  – the idea that it doesn’t go away; you just have to manage it. I think a lot of times when we have a new idea, we’re already coming up with every reason +1 why it won’t work. We kill what’s possible in one second and blame it on other people, other ideas, circumstances, headaches, knee aches, the weather. When it comes down to it, we’re in our own way. I’m in my own way probably once a day – at least. And I literally have to tell myself out-loud to get out of the way.

A couple of weeks ago, I started thinking that if the coach in my head was a real person – I would never hire him, her, it, whatever it is. Quite literally – the day I literally told myself I was firing that coach and then I made a list of my perfect, ideal internal coach, I started to shift.


You not making a decision is actually you making a decision.

If you had a great idea two years ago, and you haven’t done anything with it – pay attention to that. Sometimes not making a decision to move forward is the decision. A couple of months ago, I realized that I kept procrastinating work for one particular client; I just didn’t want to do it. I needed to push things forward, and I just didn’t. And it occurred to me that I was over it. That where she was and where my business was were two different places. You can only slow cook for so long. Pay attention if you’re putting it off.

The four minutes getting cut down to two minutes actually ended up being a really good practice in not only agility, but also cutting the shit to say the good stuff. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – whatever you’re planning to say, write, speak about, give a PPT on – cut it in half.

You’ll say what you mean, and mean what you say – and someone should feel that in just one second. Because it should only take one second to feel what’s possible.



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