say yes to your ideas today

say yes to your ideas today

Yes Day! is a really lovely children’s book written Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld. (Note: You might recognize Amy’s name from her sweet and gut-wrenching NYT Modern Love essay.)

The book’s concept is simple – every answer to every request that day must be a yes. Pizza for breakfast? Yes. Invent your own game? Yes. Stay up really late? Yes.

I found out about the book when I saw Jennifer Garner post about it on IG; she and her kids had just celebrated their annual Yes Day. (Garner looked absolutely exhausted.)

For some reason, I always picture this day as sunny and warm; never raining; or cloudy; or cold. Yes days are bright, right? They’re bright because anything is possible on a day like this.

Yes, it’s a day we all would have relished as children. And the book is written and illustrated rightfully so.

But what if we made it an adult thing?

Maybe it’s not about pizza for breakfast or inventing a new game or staying up really late. (Or, yaknowwhat, what if it IS about all that.) What if it’s a day you write down – you say yes – to every idea that comes to mind that day.

What if there was a Thanksgiving food truck? What if you sent birthday cards on half birthdays instead of actual birthdays? What if dog had human names – and human had dog names? What if there was a yarn shop called ‘stitch and bitch’ where you could knit together and gossip? (You can’t have that idea – Maret and I thought of that day.)

The idea is this –  it’s a day to say yes to absolutely, every, random-ass, beautiful, ugly, smart, crazy, smelly, sweet, possible, impossible idea that comes to mind. Write it down on a piece of paper. Make a note of it in your iPhone. Hell, start an idea book, and commit to doing this once a month.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll actually do each and every idea – or that you even should. But it does necessarily mean you’ll be more curious, more creative, more open when Monday hits and you need that creative engine revved and ready.


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