Real, Good Content: Meet Kyle Greene

Real, Good Content: Meet Kyle Greene

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There are some good people out there who are creating good content.

At the end of the day, everything we choose to post – every piece of verbal or visual content – is a choice. And there are real people producing real content based on their choice to share openly and willingly their aha! moments, musings, messages, stories – lives, really.

This series begins with Kyle Greene.

I met Kyle Greene at The Academy of Goal Achievers kick-off event this past August; Greene came to Charlotte to serve as the event’s keynote speaker; he was there to inspire the #GoalAchievers starting a fresh school year. And he did so just so damn naturally.

What stopped me in my tracks though was the moment at the beginning of his speech when he asked all of us to observe a moment of silence to remember the Emanuel 9. He lost a dear friend and mentor in the tragedy at Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church. I cannot even begin to imagine what that grief is like. I felt his choice to fill those first moments with silence and peace and meditative space was so unique. It also served as real proof to me that in a world that craves constant content, activity, and stimulation in every second of every day, silence is, in itself, a powerful content choice – especially silence to remember and respect those who came before us.

Growing up, what was your relationship like with writing? 

Oh my gosh, I absolutely loved to write when I was growing up! Especially, when I got to high school. I had two amazing teachers, Ms. Dickerson and Mrs. Blackshear, who really challenged me and brought out the best of me as a writer. I always had a way with words, and I could show my creativeness through the thoughts I shared on paper. So, writing was my way to express what I was going through (good or bad) in my personal life but I needed to write for me.

 When you asked each of us to hold space for the nine victims of the Charleston Emanuel AME Church shooting, I felt all the air leave the room – it was a powerful choice. How does creating that space help you direct your messaging and content or clear your mind before you speak? How does it prepare you?  

I want my speeches to pierce the hearts where I can then deposit into the minds of my audience. That moment pierced the moral compass of our country, and those nice seconds (as we remember the Emanuel 9) allows one to reflect internally on how that moment affected them personally. I believe we as a people were hurt, upset, and then empowered by that tragedy. I believe, during that moment I set the atmosphere for how passionate, intense, and touching I hope my message is to those who listen.  

 How did you shape the title The Mentality Changer

Someone said this to me once after speaking: “Kyle as I sat their listening to you speak, all I could think of was how you changed the way I looked at situations.” So, from that point I wanted to be known as a person that could positively change one’s mindset. Then, The Mentality Changer came to me and just became a part of how I wanted people to view me. I want people to see #KyleSpeaks or #TheMentalityChanger and immediately think of me, Kyle Aubrey Greene, a man that impacts mindsets.

 How do you choose your social media content whether it’s visual or verbal/copy? Are there questions you ask yourself before you decide to post something? 

I just post what comes to mind at that moment. I share pictures at events where I speak with the hopes of inspiring those that see it; if a quote that I came up with comes to mind, I might put it on a nice background; I like posting the seafood that I eat; and/or I post things that inspire me. It is not a method behind it or anything; if I see a good motivational video that touched me I share it with the hopes of touching people that look to me for motivation.

What’s different for you content-wise between what you write and what you speak? 

I deliver pretty much the same content in my speeches as I do in my book. And it’s simple as to why – I believe that if one can change their mindset, they can then go on to change their outcome(s). If you took every mistake as if you are being a mistake, then you are already defeated. So, I write it in my book and I give it in my speeches to constantly remind people that YOU can always redefine yourself!  

Favorite book, passage, poem, article, you name it. 

My favorite book is “The Go Giver: A Little Story About A Powerful Business Idea”. That is one of the most powerful and inspiring books I have ever read! Please go get it, and read it!

Why do you do what you do? How does your content support you in that? 

I was raised by my elderly grandmother; this woman taught me so much as a kid. I honestly do not think she knew how I watched her impact not just our family but our entire community. I saw how she interacted with her white friends the same way she did with her black friends which showed me she saw people for who they are not just by the color of their skin. So, I tell students at charter and private schools that they can be great, and I go into urban/inner city schools and tell those students they can be great, too! I just love helping people as my grandmother always did. I want to see people win in and find the success that they desire for their life. I truly believe in the greatness of all people and hopefully I can change a mindset or two in the process of me living a purpose-driven life.   

Words of wisdom. Go.

Success in your life does not just happen. Every morning you wake up YOU are given another opportunity to make it happen! Success is simply a mindset – so, how are you thinking?

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