real good content: julia forbes

real good content julia forbes

real good content: julia forbes

I can’t get too far into this second semester without acknowledging one of my favorite humans who was in my class at Queens University last spring semester.

She’s one of my favorite humans because she is entirely herself which is so unique and rare and beautiful.

The first time I met Julia, she and I were revising her resume which I hadn’t really seen until that day. And she had this little gem hidden at the bottom of her resume – CLTChomp, the beginning of her food journey through Charlotte. I remember she lit up when she talked about how it had become a bright light in a really tough time. I knew that we needed to move it up in her resume so it was more prominent. And she needed to keep exploring all that was possible for it. And she has. CLTChomp now has close to 5,000 IG followers, and she’s started to take the journey beyond the QC with @travelingchomp. Next up: Study abroad in Australia.

How’d it all (@CLTChomp) get started?
CLTChomp got started almost a year ago when I left collegiate volleyball and realized, ‘OMG, I have no hobbies.’ On top of that, my aunt who is like my second mom and who is fellow foodie, was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was going through some dark times. Food was always a passion of mine, so I started an Instagram page for fun. I had all these pictures of food, so why not? I remember sitting in my dorm room for an hour trying to think of a name and it hit me – CLTChomp. 

Your captions are so you. Do you have a process for writing those or do you just write whatever you’re thinking and/or feeling in that moment?
I consider myself to be a bubbly personality, and I often come up with my captions on a whim based upon what I am feeling that day or how I feel about the food I’m posting. I do have “writer’s block” at times, so I have captions written on my phone that I can consult if I can’t think of anything. 

What’s your gut check process like as to how to decide what to post?
There’s a couple factors that go into posts: Do I like it? What’s happening in society today? What about pop culture? Should I reference a meme? Is this suitable for my mom to see? I also try to model posts to promote local business and make people smile. 

What’s your advice to any human out there who wants to start posting picture of his/her food and/or writing about it?
My advice: Go for it. You will never have to ask “what if” if you followed your dreams to make it happen. Expect there to be a lot of grinding- nothing ever worth it comes easy. And make connections! Your network will become the biggest source of help during your journey.

Favorite book, passage, poem, article, you name it.
My favorite show is Parks and Rec. Leslie Knope is my spirit animal / spiritual gangster.

Why do you do what you do? How does your content support you in that?
I do what I do simply because it makes me happy. Along with happiness, opportunities have come about in the form of writing, jobs, friends, connections, experiences, and even people saying, “Hey, you inspired me to create my own brand” which makes it so worth it. Plus, I’m helping to showcase the Charlotte community. Who doesn’t like food? Vampires.

your next steps:
visit @cltchomp here.
visit @travelingchomp here.

photo by: Catherine Garcia

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