raven solomon knows what matters for the future of business

raven solomon charlotte, nc

raven solomon knows what matters for the future of business

Raven Solomon knows what truly matters for the future of business. And she’s teaching that to Millennials and Generation Z.

“Soft skills are really, truly the most important things when it comes to business,” Solomon shares from an armchair outside the podcast studio at Hygge West.

As President and Founder of the Center for Next Generation Leadership and Professional Development, Solomon and team are committed to providing developmental and social solutions to companies, so that can attract, develop and retain the two youngest generations in the workplace.

So, how strong is this commitment? Try full-on 100%. All of The Center’s training & developmental content focus on strengthening the soft skills necessary to connect with, engage, and lead people. They host conferences, provide e-courses, lead webinars as well as workshops, deliver inspirational, keynote addresses, and build communities for and among emerging talent.

It couldn’t come at a better time in American history.

According to U.S. News report in 2016, 87% of new college graduates felt well-prepared for the job market; yet, half of their hiring managers disagreed. The five top skills for improvement? People skills, problem-solving, oral communication, leadership, writing. Full-on soft skills.

If we need a Cliffs Notes refresher on soft skills, here’s what we’re talking about – the skills that help you better understand yourself and how you work with others. They’re the people skills. And, in this digital world, they’re the game changers.

Now, consider this – think about the sheer number of those skills across approximately 80 million Millennials (b.1981-1996) who will overtake the Baby Boomers as America’s largestgeneration; then factor in the 60+ million Post-Millennials (b.mid-1990s-mid-2000s).

That’s a lot of opportunity.

As much of a rabbit hole as that could be for Solomon, she keeps it simple. This is about relating, engaging, and connecting with both talent and those hiring talent. With that said, it’s two-fold.

First, it’s about helping corporations attract and retain millennial talent; second, it’s about training and preparing the millennial talent to enter the job market powerfully and confidently.

“We really believe in getting them started early with soft skills like public speaking and conflict resolution,” she shares. “But also, preparing to go out not only to network, but also manage those small, but important details of networking – like how to order wine confidently, which is an important skill in the business world.”

If that’s the case, Solomon is equipping talent with the foundational information and knowledge that builds confidence. It’s something she learned early in her corporate career.

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