Pushing Through Fear with Darryl Bellamy of Bellamy Inspires

Pushing Through Fear with Darryl Bellamy of Bellamy Inspires

You must push through your fear.

Easier said than done, amIright?


But, think about it this way – what if you were encouraged to push through your fear at a younger age? Maybe as a high school senior? Or as a college sophomore? What if you were supported in that journey at age 16 vs. 36? Would you see the world differently? Would you show up for the world differently? Would your life or career be different?

Darryl Bellamy wants to find out.

As Founder of Bellamy Inspires, Darryl Bellamy takes that key phrase one step further: You must push through fear to become whom you want to be an reach heights you’ve never reached before.

And he’s known nationally for sharing that key phrase with thousands of high school and college students.

His vision is clear: He wants to eradicate fear and self-doubt from student leaders; fast forward that 10-20 years, and what he’s really doing is eradicating fear and self-doubt from the next generation of decision makers. Now, that’s some powerful work.

A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a degree in Business Management, today Bellamy is a self-professed Corporate America dropout, Author of Waking Up Chase, and professional speaker.

The career he knows today started approximately two years ago.

Working for a consulting company, Bellamy felt ‘pretty satisfied’ with his life and career – a seven on a scale from one to 10, 10 serving as most satisfied.

He wanted to get to a 10.

So, he Googled ‘life coach’ and found a coach who also worked as a full-time speaker and author. It sparked Bellamy’s interest in public speaking. He started attending National Speakers Association meetings, networking with speakers, engaging with mentors.

“The next year, I quit my job to do this full-time,” he shared.

The experience tapped into something Bellamy knew about himself and the career he wanted.

“I knew that I always wanted to be an entrepreneur,” he said. “I just wasn’t sure how to get there.”

He felt that entrepreneurial drive earlier in his career. As a student at UNCC, he started Kollege Koncierge – a program designed to support freshmen students with the transition into college life. He needed 100 families to sign up to make it a career. One family signed up. He pursued Corporate America, but kept a pulse on developing a career that allowed him to help support the next generation of students and student leaders.

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