We are curious adventurers, creative thinkers, strategic writers.
A couple things to know about how we work and our general philosophy:

Every, single day is an opportunity to be two things: Fresh and original. I want that for every piece of content or strategy we release.

I’m a strong stand for quality writing; I think that too often people settle for mediocre copy.

I really hate the word marketing. I get it. I understand it. I know what it is. But, I think we’re at a time when we have to be bigger than marketing. All this is about building community, inspiring readers, and compelling your customers to pick up the phone because something they read wow’ed them. (That’s bigger than marketing.)

We are curious adventurers, creative thinkers, strategic writers.

We love clients with grit, imagination and soul.

I must laugh at least once every, single day. Like, one serious good laugh.

I partner with people and businesses whom I trust personally. Some of my favorite partners include: Shift Creative, Laurel Computer, In the Streets Photography, Pink Toast Ink, Gustavo Soto.

I work with a lot of small businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups all over the country; a lot of that has to do with the fact that there’s an exploratory, curious, let’s-see-what-happens-maverick-like nature in not only me, but also them. With that said, I do work with several corporations, too, so I look for partnerships in philosophy and personality more so than how the business is structured.

I love the oxford comma. I love the semicolon. I’m not an exclamation point person.

Something you say or do will most likely spark an idea for another client of mine; that happens vice versa, too – something someone else says might empower me with an idea for you. So, our client list is constantly elevating each other without even knowing it.

I respect, appreciate, and honor your trust. My team does. My partners do.

In the meantime...

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