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Elevate your brand’s content through powerful writing, creativity, and strategy.

Over the years, we’ve worked with a variety of clients from a lot of different industries, perspectives, and philosophies. As a result, we’re always refining our list of client services because we work on new things all the time that inspire us or get us thinking about another service that’s possible.

Regardless of the project, our main goal is always this: Elevate your brand’s content through powerful writing, creativity, and strategy.

A great way to get started? We offer every prospective client our “ten for ten” – ten branding opportunities we notice the first ten minutes we’re surfing your website, reading your blog or scrolling through your social.

We could talk projects and packages all day long – and we can do that with you offline – but here’s what it comes down to:


the creative is our middle path through everything.

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We like getting you and your brand in front of magazines, newspapers, writers, bloggers, younameit with an audience.

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We are your editorial source. Period.

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We write and create content that stands out.

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We do a deep dive into your personal brand.

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We like sitting down with brands to dig deep into their brand’s strategy.

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We'll help coordinate, manage, and bring to life that bigger vision.

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We Offer:

Strategic Consulting:

We have the resources to do a deep-dive into what we can see your business is up to (from a content and social stand-point), and then offer some advice on what we’re experiencing along that customer journey or where you might be able to optimize your social strategy, brand strategy, content or communications. We thrive at the opportunity to just sit down, hear where you’re coming from and what you’d like to do, and then offer some positioning ideas for short-term success and long-term growth. Let’s chat, we’ll offer some ideas, and you can take ‘em and run with ‘em.  Or we can talk more openly about how our team can help you kick off some of these ideas and/or manage them for you.


We’ve done well with two different approaches:

  • Short-term (3-4 month) contracts for smaller or one-hit wonder projects; we’re talking deliverables such as sales sheets, refreshing copy and copy strategy for 2-3 sales PPTs, or perhaps 4-6 blog posts (creation or editing)
  • Long term (6-8 month) contracts for projects that require a little bit more love; some great examples – a full, reboot of your website’s copy, coaching your team on writing in your brand’s voice or pitching your new product to a specific list of contacts for several months


This might be our favorite because we spend some serious, quality time getting to know you, your business, your voice.

Partnerships can range in time span (9-12 months and beyond), and they allow us to be a part of the bigger picture and fuller strategy implementation.

Some of our personal favorites: Revamping a brand’s social media strategy and then implementing it, launching a new product’s email campaign or building a year’s worth of content for your newsletter distribution in hopes of growing readership

In the meantime...

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