6.5 Things I Learned About Life With My Dad

6.5 Things I Learned About Life With My Dad

My Dad’s Garrett Tichy, owner of Hygge Coworking; as much as we could get into everything I’m learning everyday about coworking (I mean, there’s just so much < picture my arms THIS BIG > ), it’s really more fun to talk about Dad and what we do, learn, and see together about life.

Everything really is new and fun.

I guess it’s a learning thing – maybe it’s just a life thing. I’m three, so I’m new to all this. But, I’ll say that I’m at a point where everything I see and do is brilliantly new and just so darn fun. Dad says that’s one of his favorite things about parenthood.

‘What’s that?’ and ‘why?’ are always great questions.

I ask ‘what’s that?’ and ‘why?’ a lot.  Because I want to see and understand everything. Lucky for me, Dad always answers those q’s. He actually says he loves those questions because they’re just the coolest questions ever.

I just want to know what everything is, what it does, and why it’s here. (Dear adults, live like this.)

We learn together what I love – and what scares me.

Right now – it’s bugs. They’re fascinating. (Mom feels differently.) But Dad says he loves the fact I’m fearless, a trait he finds both fun and exciting.

There’s a special place in the world for funny and adorable and weird.

I’m three years old. I have no filter. Dad says that’s funny and adorable and weird. I wish these three words were used to describe more in the world these days.

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