meg seitz: owner of toth shop

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meg seitz: owner of toth shop

oh. hello. so, this is the first of our team intros that are rolling out over the next few weeks; i’ll go first – i’m @meg_seitz – pronounced ‘sights’ as that’s a q i get a lot; the idea for toth shop started probably six/seven years ago when a friend (high five, @cobykraft) came to me and asked me to help write a brand story for a new business venture. i loved it because it challenged both my english major from kenyon college and my mba from wake forest in that we needed to sell/market/promote a concept in a creative, fun, out-of-the-box way. that mix of creativity and business then became a side hustle; i’d work a 9a-5p job, then come home and work from 7-11p; then 5a-7a.

that happened for about 1.5 years before i took toth shop full-time on feb 13, 2015. i remember that date so clearly because my #beaisforbiz b’partner @jamie_making‘s third child was born the same day, so he and toth shop grow together. these days, i’m running @tothshopcreates, i teach one class a week at @queensuniv, and i was recently accepted to Novant Health’s leadership development program called the h: drive experience; the pilot program aims to identify untapped, high-potential leaders who are invested and engaged in the charlotte community.

question time:
1. first time you remember being creative? my sister @maretseitz and i used to write, produce, and perform ‘shows’ in our game room. you can ask either of us about the ‘theme song’ show.
2. what are you currently listening to that gets you pumped up? ‘ye’ by kw.
3. what’s on your #toread list? i’m currently reading ‘ready player one’ and ‘the practice of the presence of god’ – next up, is ‘just mercy’ – a rec from jennifer felts of @habitudeinteriors.
4. biggest grammar or punctuation pet peeve. first, i’ll say that i love the semicolon; anyone who knows me knows that i think it’s the greatest punctuation ever. it’s how i think; and how i talk. when it comes to pet peeve – it’s got to be the exclamation point. i think we use it way too much especially in super average sentences.

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