Meet Brittany Yoho: Hygge’s New Chief Strategy Officer

Meet Brittany Yoho: Hygge’s New Chief Strategy Officer

Brittany Yoho is the freshest face at Hygge. And she’s taking on an extra special role for the brand – she’s Hygge’s new Chief Strategy Officer. The role is new – literally – in that it was carved out by Hygge’s Owner Garrett Tichy to support the ever-growing space (three locations, now) and the subsequent community that is Hygge.

Yoho is hands down-110%-no-questions-asked the right fit for that opportunity. And here’s why.

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Yoho made a move that a lot of Cleveland folks don’t make – she went to college in Pittsburgh. (You’ll appreciate that line if you’re from either Cleveland or Pittsburgh and you [like me] respect the rivalry between these cities.) As a student at the University of Pittsburgh, she was involved in student activities, a commitment she continued after graduation; she landed a job working as a Development Assistant with the Hillel Jewish University Center. The job allowed her to remain living in Pittsburgh and stay involved with the student activities community. It also provided her the opportunity to get more involved in public policy and government – widening her already-natural appreciation for not only community, but also all that’s possible when people come together. “I loved the energy around the people changing the trajectory of [Pittsburgh],” she noted.

read more on the hygge blog by clicking here.

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