what we learned about coworking during our summer internship

Hygge Intern Toth Shop

what we learned about coworking during our summer internship

When you think about work, do you get that warm, cozy feeling? Most likely not.

That’s where Hygge comes in.

Hygge means cozy, and, as summer interns for toth shop, a company based out of Hygge’s 3rd Ward location, we felt cozy and comfortable almost immediately working alongside the Hygge family. Over the course of the summer, we learned that each respective Hygge location is unique and quirky, and, in turn, each location is home to unique and quirky coworkers.

If you’re new to Hygge, here’s a quick history lesson: The first Hygge – located in 3rd Ward – opened on October 31, 2015. The concept grew quickly to include Hygge West on Remount Road, and then third Hygge location at the historic Camp North End.

In spending time across several Hygge locations this summer, we learned a thing or two about coworking; lessons which are both business and life lessons that we’re taking back to college with us.

Networking opportunities are everywhere.

As soon as you tap unlock on the Brivo app, you open Hygge’s front door, and you’re smack dab in the middle of a place full of creative and passionate people. (Seriously – almost immediately upon entering, there’s someone new to meet.) Which means there’s always an in-the-moment, real-time opportunity to connect and network with someone new. It’s everything we learn in the classroom about professionalism – but with a twist. You have to be ready for those networking opportunities.

There’s always something new and different to learn.

Want to meet people from all different backgrounds and learn a new skill in one class?  Enter SkillPop. SkillPop offers classes where you can learn new skills either for fun or to build your knowledge. We each took a SkillPop at a Hygge location.

I (hi – it’s Emma) took Adobe InDesign Basics taught by Hannah Maschoff. It was really through this SkillPop that I realized how important marketing is to the business world. Adobe InDesign is just one way you can create eye-catching pieces that will improve your brand and market your work best. Now, I know how to maneuver around the Adobe software and in turn, make cool designs.

This summer I (Hi – it’s me, Elaine) took two classes on marketing where I learned new skills to help me stand out as a Marketing major at Queens University of Charlotte. These classes were: Conquering Digital Marketing with Brittany Whitlock and Marketing Essentials with Blair Primis. Whitlock’s class taught me about social media, web search, email marketing, and Google Analytics. She provided me the knowledge and tactics to navigate these main digital marketing platforms. In Primis’ class, I learned a basic overview of marketing which helped to strengthen the foundation of my marketing education.

Many of these classes take place at Hygge meeting room, but what’s even more special is the people you meet at these classes. From teachers to grandmothers to pre-teens to working professionals, it’s good proof you never stop learning.

There are all kinds of work styles.

You’ll overhear some phone calls or bits and pieces of in-person conversations; you’ll see people who walk the space to think or brainstorm; you’ll see people who need a whiteboard to strategize. You’ll even hear people talking enthusiastically and seriously about Drake’s brand. It’s all okay; it’s cool even. Because you’re watching and respecting how others work and how their respective work style help to shape their work.

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