Laura McGuire’s Hipstik promises women the comfort of leggings in the style of tights

Laura McGuire’s Hipstik promises women the comfort of leggings in the style of tights

Laura McGuire has been frustrated with hosiery for as long as she can remember.

“I can remember my mom pulling out tights for me to wear, and her saying, ‘I know, I hate them, too,’” McGuire recalls. “I could almost feel her apologizing for having to give this kind of pantyhose to her daughter.”

Fast forward to 2016. McGuire was wearing a pair of tights on the Amtrak Carolinian from Raleigh to Charlotte when something suddenly dawned on her. She was sitting there, sucking in — every woman reading this will know the feeling to which McGuire refers — and in that moment, she experienced the entrepreneurial epiphany.

“It occurred to me that I could make a better pair of hosiery for women,” she recalls. “And I thought to myself, ‘Why don’t I just do it?’”

And she did. She launched Hipstik in 2016 to revolutionize the hosiery experience.

Women around the world have talked about and worn nylon stockings for the better part of the past century. In 1938, the vice president of DuPont announced the invention of nylon at the New York World’s Fair. Nylon stockings went on sale for women in May 1940; 64 million pairs sold that year.

The game changed in 1959. Allen Gant Sr. of the Glen Raven Knitting Mills in North Carolina invented pantyhose — stockings and underpants all in one piece — which eliminated the need for multiple garments worn at once. Then, in 1965, Glen Raven Mills created seamless pantyhose to coincide with the introduction of the miniskirt in the mid-1960s.

As much as the culture or look of nylon stockings, pantyhose or tights has changed over the years, the technology and fit hasn’t. Pantyhose were designed to be attractive, hide blemishes and create a smoother look; it was never about comfort or fit. It’s a lesson that generations of women pass down to each other: Wearing pantyhose is not an enjoyable experience.

“Comfort has never really been a part of this industry, especially since the control top is the main way they sell the product,” she says. “So this category has always been about sucking in with that control top.”

With Hipstik, McGuire set out to keep the style of tights, but pair it with a control top built with the comfort of leggings.

Taking on this type of challenge was new for McGuire, who had committed to self-funding the venture along with the support of her husband, Jason.

“I’m not someone from the fashion industry,” she admits candidly. “I’m just one real person coming from a place where a product category frustrated me, and I knew something needed to be done about it.”

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