Latesha Byrd Wants You to Dream Big

Latesha Byrd Hygge Charlotte

Latesha Byrd Wants You to Dream Big

Yes, Latesha Byrd wants you to dream big. There’s something else she wants you to do first though – she wants you to stop doubting yourself.

As Owner of Byrd Career Consulting, Byrd is a former recruiter turned career consultant and professional branding strategist who offers resources and services for professionals who are ready to make a career move. She makes this happen through a variety of processes and packages that include resume writing, LinkedIn writing, interview, and personalized, coaching sessions.

Those services are only made possible through Byrd’s natural warmth and ability to encourage, support, and partner with someone who knows they’ve got more to give the professional world.

Byrd came to that conclusion herself naturally – and early. She grew up fully aware that both college and a career were non-negotiable.

Raised in Raleigh by her mother who worked as a school bus driver, Byrd saw it all; they struggled financially, moving year after year. As a young person, she knew she wanted to position herself for success.

Which is why then during her undergraduate time at University of North Carolina at Charlotte studying Accounting, she started to pursue internships with a variety of organizations. She wanted to get a jumpstart learning the innerworkings of the professional world.

Byrd went on to pursue graduate work at N.C. State University, earning her master’s degree in Accounting immediately following undergrad. As she started her career in accounting though, she started to hear some surprising requests from friends.

“I would have people – friends – reach out to me and ask me if I could help them with their resumes,” she recalls from Hygge’s Camp North End. “More and more people started reaching out to me, and I realized then that I could make money doing this.”

Byrd took that idea and ran with it. She launched Byrd Career Consulting in 2015; since then, she has worked with over 300 clients from Silicon Valley to the East Coast.

“I want each client to feel important, and so I take a personal approach with each of them.”

How has she been able to do that so well? Her clients spread the word.

“I’ve been really lucky that I haven’t had to seek clients,” she notes. “The company has grown so quickly by word of mouth.”

Though she casually chalks it up to luck, it’s really been because of something she’s done very purposefully. Byrd lives and breathes business magic that’s often lost in this age of automation, social media ads, and email marketing campaigns. That magic is her personal touch.

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