kassie mcrostie: vivid visionary

kassie mcrostie: vivid visionary

hello! my name is kassie aka vivid visionary here at toth shop. I’m a senior at UNCC Charlotte and am currently pursuing an english major with a concentration in language and digital technology and a minor in communications. through my studies, i’ve come to appreciate how people communicate across digital technology; there are people i would never know without the internet.

i have a passion for sneakers and would love to turn it into a position after college. the goal is to work in media, communications, or marketing where i can combine my strong interpersonal skills with my passion for sneakers, entertainment, sports, and fashion.

i love traveling, spending time with my family and friends, finding the next best food spot or local coffee shop, and trying to go to the beach as much as possible. i am from wilmington, nc so the beach is my home.

question time:

1. the first time you remember being creative? around 6th grade i went through a phase where I loved skateboarding. i was going to pick out a skateboard deck for the first time and couldn’t find one that i liked because nothing really connected with me. i decided to customize my own which eventually led to sneakers because i didn’t want what everyone else had.

2. what are you currently listening to that gets you pumped up? anything Travis Scott.

3. what’s on your #toread list? ‘sneakers’ by rodrigo corral, alex french, and howie khan.

4. your biggest grammar or punctuation pet peeve? when people don’t use commas in the right places.

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