jacinda jacobs talks talent and passion – and her journey to discover both

jacinda jacobs talks talent and passion – and her journey to discover both

jacinda Jacobs hits you with light and grace the second you meet her; over the course of our interview, she answers every question artfully. The latter is a skill she’s refined after years of working in media. The former is a beautiful by-product of her journey to discover her passion.

Talent and passion are two very different things. Jacobs figured that out the long way.

Jacobs launched her career in media back in 2007 as the Morning Show Co-Host and Producer at Charlotte’s 96.1 The Beat; she then moved onto a role as Afternoon Traffic Reporter at WBTV Charlotte; in 2011, she started as a Freelance Reporter and Weather Forecaster for WCCB-TV. With both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Communication, this was the dream, right?

“There was a part of the television world that I loved,” she remembers. “And although I got paid to do it, it didn’t make me happy. I felt like I was missing something.”

With that realization, she made a tough choice. She walked away from a budding career in television.

So, what was next? Prison ministry.

In that respective role helping the children and families of those incarcerated, Jacobs found a new light.

“In doing prison ministry, I really felt like I was on fire in a way I’d never been before,” she says. “Here I am in these prisons with men who have done horrible things – and all I can think is ‘I love doing this, this is amazing.’”

It was then that Jacobs saw the great divide between talent and passion. More so though, she saw an opportunity to bring them together for her own life.

She’s incredibly clear about it as she discusses it today – media is her talent; ministry is her passion.

“Much of the journey recently has been trying to find what works for me because I couldn’t do either full-time,” she recalls. “I had to marry them together. I had to create it.”

Last year, Jacobs did just that when she created Stolen Lunches, a Bible study community based in Charlotte with plans to expand nationally and globally.

The first Stolen Lunches meeting was a serendipitous accident.

“I noticed a lot of women were sad or depressed, and I was feeling the same way,” Jacobs recalls. “I just remember thinking, ‘Well, we all need to eat lunch,’ so we met over lunch one day; a lot of us left crying – and completely inspired.”

She knew she was onto something.

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