Issa Minkah Brings Strategy and Practicality to Imagination – and Clients Love It

MInkah Designs

Issa Minkah Brings Strategy and Practicality to Imagination – and Clients Love It

Issa Minkah doesn’t know when to stop on a project.

“I tend to be a perfectionist and analyze more than I should,” the freelance designer shares from Hygge’s Remount Road location, one cold, sunny Monday. “I want the client to be blown away every time; I want them happy with the final result.”

Very simply stated, Minkah’s creative agency – Minkah Design – focuses on branding; it’s so much more than that though. He supports companies in the process of developing and communicating their values through visual aids. Most of the time, that’s the simple, unsexy stuff – the business cards, the flyers. But lately, business has evolved; he’s taken on larger projects including full website designs and social media campaigns. It’s evolved so much that he’s started delegating tasks and outsourcing projects – the high sign to every entrepreneur that you’re doing something right.

None of this was part of the plan for him. Minkah grew up in a military family; moving around frequently as a child of a U.S. Marine. He claims the desert of California as home; he was living there until the family moved to Charlotte when Minkah was a teenager.

He never thought he was ever going to go to college. “In my mind, college just wasn’t a reality,” he shared candidly. “Then, my grandmother on my mother’s side took me in, and started asking me what I wanted to do or be; she started pushing me on it.”

With the familial cajoling, he enrolled in The Art Institute of Charlotte. While there to study Multimedia and Web Design, he came to a seemingly unexpected, yet makes total senserealization – he wanted to be an entrepreneur.

After graduating in 2004, he started working full-time for companies that were not his own – which only made him feel even stronger that the freedom of entrepreneurship was something he really, truly wanted; something he could really, truly make happen.

“It’s exhilarating being able to create your own path,” he notes. “Even though this path is actually more time-consuming, there’s nothing like being my own boss; entrepreneurship is now almost a meditative place; it gives me the freedom to do what I do best.”

And he gets to his best by playing by his own rules.

Those rules are built by three basic principles that are core to Minkah both personally and professionally. We’re talking imagination, practicality, and strategy.

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