3 Healthy Choices You Can Make for Your Personal Brand Today

3 Healthy Choices You Can Make for Your Personal Brand Today

Look, I’m not cracking cold fusion when I say this – everyone today is his or her own, personal brand. Here’s a statement that will feel monumental though – you always have been.

Your personal brand didn’t start when you reached 1,000 followers; it didn’t start when you updated the font on your resume; it didn’t start when you bought that URL. It started the day you got your name.

Dramatic? Sure. But the dramatic emphasis is really just to hit you over the head one more time to reiterate that you’ve been your own brand since the day you took your first breath.

My friend, Solita, shared recently that she made a commitment to herself to make one healthy decision today; I heard her say that, and I was hooked on that idea almost immediately.

Because making one healthy decision is both big enough and scary enough, but also manageable and measurable – and I’m talking both personally and professionally.

With that said, I think it’s fair to say that personal brands can make one healthy decision a day for a month and feel a difference.

Here are three ways to start:

1. Start sharing your superpowers versus your vulnerabilities. There’s this really interesting trend right now where people are sharing – and very publicly in very long captions – their vulnerabilities, insecurities, hang ups, fears. And I get it. We are all human; we all have them. But, why not give that airtime to your superpowers, your strengths, your talents, your gifts – something that might make you feel better about yourself – and maybe might help you get on the shortlist for that next job interview. I want to read a caption or a blog post and I want to hear you say something out loud where you flat-out-OWN a superpower, strength, talent, or gift that you’re really bad ass at.

2. Say what you mean faster. Write out what you want to say or post or email, then cut it in half – then cut it in half again. When you challenge yourself to be crisp, concise, and to the point, you’ll find an interesting and healthy by-product – you’ll be more raw, more honest, more yourself. There’s a lot of personal power stored in the process of saying what you mean faster.

3. Share an accomplishment – today. I promise you, you’re not bragging, you’re not shamelessly self-promoting, you’re not one-upping anyone. You’re sharing something you either worked really hard for or something that means a lot to you. I want to see more of that in this world.

For every healthy recommendation I can offer, two or three unhealthy habits will naturally spring forth. Things like obsessing over likes and follows or exhausting yourself trying to get to a certain number of events or functions or parties because you’ll look cooler. Your work from here on out is to acknowledge that feeling when it comes creeping in – and then ask it to find a home somewhere else. Don’t get me wrong – that’s a tough thing to do. And maybe it’s best answered with this simple question – is this a healthy habit or an unhealthy habit? Only you can answer that.

I roll my eyes when I see really normal people change their IG profile labels to public figure. Yeah. Okay. Riiiight. That’s about something else. The truth is is that we’re all public figures in our own lovely, creative, beautiful, smart, strategic ways and in our own lovely, creative, beautiful, smart circles. It’s been like that since day one. Sometimes you’re the first one who needs convinced of that though.

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