emma freas: vivid visionary

emma freas: vivid visionary

happy friday introductions day!

hi! I’m emma freas (pronounced ‘freeze’). i’m a rising junior at queens university of charlotte double-majoring in music and english – two things i absolutely love. several years ago, i started my own business teaching piano to children in the charlotte community and find so much joy in it. it’s very rewarding to see my hard work pay off as my students grow in their musical skills; i am making an impact in their lives. i also work as a royal ambassador (a.k.a tour guide) at queens which enables me to share my passion for queens with others. this summer, i am excited for both of the opportunities to intern as a production intern at seacrest studios and as a writing/editing intern at toth shop.

question time:

1. the first time you remember being creative? i used to read books to my little sisters, yet I didn’t know how to read at that point. i just created my own stories based off of the illustrations and not gonna lie, they were great stories.

2. what are you currently listening to that gets you pumped up? ‘alright’ by kendrick lamar or ‘mr. brightside’ by the killers depending on my mood.

3. what’s on your #toread list? ‘everybody always’ by bob goff.

4. your biggest grammar or punctuation pet peeve? my biggest grammar pet peeve is probably when someone confuses ‘its’ for ‘it’s’ or uses ‘to’ when they meant ‘too.’


photo by julia fay 

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