elaine turner: vivid visionary

elaine turner: vivid visionary

it’s that time of the week. friday introductions. meet elaine:

“i am currently a junior majoring in marketing with the mccoll school of business at queens university. i have interned at stephens inc. in winston-salem, nc where I focused on wealth management; then, the following year, I served as the pharmacy intern at robinhood family pharmacy in winston-salem, nc. although both were different interning opportunities, i learned one important lesson through both – customer service is key, and everyone deserves a personal touch. this summer, I am interning at gneiss and toth shop, where i am excited to combine my customer service skills with writing and marketing strategy.”

special note: read @elaine_turner1’s piece about leaf burrito on start charlotte by clicking here.

question time:
1. the first time you remember being creative? i remember many projects in my early days of school including designing a dinosaur pillow. 🦕

2. what are you currently listening to that gets you pumped up? youngblood by 5 seconds of summer.

3. what’s on your #toread list? “one of us is lying” by karen m. mcmanus.

4. your biggest grammar or punctuation pet peeve? the oxford comma.

photo by julia fay 

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