Here comes the sun: Instagram captions for a sunny spring

Here comes the sun: Instagram captions for a sunny spring

It’s 70something and sunny.  Which means we’ll all be instagram-posting fresh pictures of sun and warmth; green grass and blossoms.

I love one-liner (literally – one, 3-5 word sentence) IG captions, just in general.  Sometimes – most times – we don’t need anything more than one clever, creative, unique sentence as a caption.

Because we all naturally overwrite, writing a sentence like that can be tough. Which is why I really like to use plays on song titles or song lyrics as IG captions. Finding those can be super simple. The word ‘sun’ is actually a good example of a search that yields some bright results to get the creative juices flowing.

So, with the sun coming out more often, we’ll all be trying to use the word ‘sun’ or ‘sunny’ in IG posts; there are lots of expressions you can use to get you thinking – or even just to use in your captions.

example: here are 25 sunny expressions/idioms/phrases either to flat-out use or at least get you thinking for IG captions this spring and summer.


Good day, sunshine.

Look on the sunny side.

Here comes the sun.

The sunny side of the street.

It’s always sunny in/on ___________.

Find your (one’s) moment in the sun.

It’s ___ degrees and sunny.


Your place / A place / One’s place in the sun.

A touch of the sun.

Catch the sun.

Everything under the sun.

Have the sun in (one’s) eyes.

Make hay while the sun shines.

Nothing new under the sun.

Under the sun.

Soak up the sun.

Sunshine state.

Sunshine state of mind.

Sun worshipper.


Sunnyside up.




So, who cares? Because we’re flat-out bored (admit it – you’re bored) when we read the same mediocire instagram captions for the same type of photo. And I absolutely can’t stand when the picture and the caption don’t match – or at least coordinate with one central theme.

So, give us something different to read on instragram; kick it up; get crafty, clever, creative, unique, different. It’s great for your personal brand and even better if you’re a business known for unique products and services.

In the meantime...

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