brooke tollison: og creative player

brooke tollison: og creative player

hello friends.  i’m brooke (@brookehos) and my official title at toth shop is og creative player. i manage all admin duties (from invoicing to building calendars), social media love, and on-the-spot research for client work. my professional background is chalk-full of stories supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs; it makes me feel so good to work-behind-the-scenes in full support of not only a growing company, but also a new way of being – which is what small businesses are.

my goal is to become a long-term creative player with toth shop and to learn and support how more brands thrive and flourish. when i’m not working (which is almost always, but i love it!), i spend time with my almost nine-year-old daughter, plan @honeystrucklife’s brand, and co-host a podcast called @mysticsysters.

question time:
1. first time you remember being creative? when I was in elementary school, I designed my own magazine on an old desktop computer, printed it on flimsy computer paper, stapled it, and went around my neighborhood knocking on people’s door to hand it out for free as long as they signed up for a subscription.
2. what are you currently listening to that gets you pumped up? pizza guy by touch sensitive.
3. what’s on your #toread list? the last mrs. parrish.
4. biggest grammar or punctuation pet peeve. when people don’t use an oxford comma.

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