when’s your brain on fire?

when’s your brain on fire?

question – when’s your brain on fire? you know what i’m talking about. when you’re brain is lit up, firing on all cylinders, working on full power.

After a salty, sweaty run?
Bright and early first thing in the morning?
Middle of the night, half asleep under cold sheets?
Sipping warm club soda in the car stuck in traffic?
On your sweaty palms from your pink yoga mat?
In the throes of a totally-pissed-off  argument?
Tapping notes on your mobile device?
Hours away from your mobile device?
In nature?
In the city?
In the deep breath of a quiet, still Sunday morning?
At your college, dive bar with your college, dive bar friends?
at 3:55am?
at 3:55pm?
listening to blaring music?
listening to silence?
Lost on vacation?
nestled at home?

Whenever and wherever it is, it’s special to you. and only you. Figure out when that is. And carve out that time – or re-create the experience of it – as often as possible. we need your brain on fire.

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