about meg seitz

About Meg Seitz
Okay, so here’s how I sum it up: I’m an English major who went to business school.
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Meg Seitz

Founder & Managing Creative Partner

ferocious reader. author. undergrad professor. art collector. adventurer. english major, mba. company founder x two. megyn kelly fan girl.

B.A., English, Kenyon College – 2005
M.B.A, Wake Forest University School of Business – 2013


  • Design Thinking for Innovative Business Problem Solving – Wake Forest University – 2016
  • Social Media in Emergency Management from U.S. Department of Homeland Security/FEMA Emergency Management Institute – 2016
  • Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers – Wake Forest University – 2017
  • Insights in Innovation – IDEO U. ( >IDEO > Stanford’s d.school) – 2017

I’ve been a writer and reader for as long as I can remember. Despite a short duration as a potential Political Science major, I graduated from Kenyon College with an English degree in 2005.

I taught 12th Grade World Literature, English 9 and Yearbook for several years before I worked for lululemon athletica – working on the ground to open several, different store models and teaching employees how to use the brand’s messaging and strategy. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I always felt caught between two worlds – the English major and the business world.

Then, in 2011, I went to business school; I struggled the first several months of b-school because I told myself I wasn’t good at any of this because I had majored in English – not business. What happened though was I started to see a disconnect in how my classmates wrote papers or cases, delivered marketing messages, created effective PPT decks, even just edited their own writing or even how they wrote their LinkedIn profile pages. I wanted to read more powerful writing, creativity, and strategy.

And I saw an opportunity – an opportunity to bring everything I loved about my English major to the business world. I tested the idea of bringing fiction to business in the Peter Drucker Society Challenge competition in 2013. I was the only American woman with an idea to qualify in the top 15 – internationally.

I sensed I was onto something.

With that said, I created toth shop to be a partner driven to elevate a brand’s content through powerful writing, creativity, and strategy.

Yes, I do a lot of writing and editing. But, more so, my focus is an eye for the big picture of your brand and your strategy. And then how your content supports those two critical pieces.

I want you to care how your writer or brand strategist writes. But, I want you to care more about how he or she thinks. Yes, it’s the quality of the writing that will separate you from the pack; but, it’s the quality of thought, that leaves your customers inspired.

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Download the classic edition of Meg’s Writing Portfolio here.
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Five things to know how I operate:

I am a Visualizer which means this: I thrive on holistic, integrating, synthesizing strategic thinking. I like the big picture; I can manage multiple tasks and projects; I synthesize disparate ideas into a cohesive whole, generating creative, innovative project ideas. Read more about it here.

Back in college, I interned at Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood; I helped David Newell, who played the mailman on the show and served as the company’s PR Director, sort through thirty years of cardboard boxes of show archives. One day, I realized that a piece of paper with Fred Rogers’ handwriting had fallen into my bag. It was a comment he wrote on a letter from a fan: “Every family is different.” There was a respect for individuality and experience in that comment that I never forgot, and that’s how I approach every client and every project. (I keep that piece of paper in my wallet to this day.)

I’ve completed three, different North Carolina Outward Bound courses. I’m not a natural camper or hiker or climber. But, I am a natural adventurer, wanderer, explorer which means I don’t think that there’s just one way to do anything.

In 2011, my friend, Jamie Brown, and I launched a book series named Bea is for Business; the main character, nine-year-old Beatrice Banks, takes on the responsibility of teaching her friends about business and business strategy. We designed the platform to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs because we wanted to do something about the future versus talk about it.

My first year teaching high school English, I won “Rookie of the Year”. From year one to year two, toth shop tripled in size, scope, partnerships and projects. I believe in hitting the ground running, challenging the way we’ve always thought about something, and creating something entirely new.

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