suzannah + justin

suzannah + justin

Special note: We love a good love story. Which is why we partnered with the talented Julia Fay Photography to bring some toth shop magic to some beautiful love stories. Stay tuned as we continued to share more of these special stories through this summer of love. 

Suzannah and Justin Thompson feel the same song in their hearts. And it’s been like that longer than the two realized.

The couple met through a mutual friend during college. Suzannah’s best friend from high school became a good friend of Justin’s at the University of Mary Washington. “‘I have this friend named Justin…’” Suzannah remembers her friend saying to her. The two Virginia natives met in-person only once before Suzannah, a French major at The College of William and Mary, left to study abroad in the South of France.  She and Justin stayed in touch – and made plans to re-connect when she returned. Their first date would be a concert in Richmond with friends. “I was so sad to be leaving this really, beautiful place,” Suzannah recalls. “But, I had this date with this guy I really liked, so that made it so much easier and more fun to come home.”

The two dated for four years after that.

In October 2015, Justin planned a weekend trip. It was for an overnight stay in a treehouse along the Edisto River – an experience Suzannah always wanted to do. But Hurricane Joaquin was moving in. “I told Justin, ‘let’s just stay home, we can hang out, watch movies, no big deal,’” she says. “But Justin said, ‘No, let’s go somewhere.’” They found that one of their favorite bands was playing that same weekend in Asheville, not far from where the couple lives in Greenville, SC. They went to that concert. And, when they were together and alone after the show, Justin got down on one knee. Suzannah was completely surprised.

Though the hurricane had foiled Justin’s original plan – the back-up plan had its own magic.  “It was really sweet that it was reminiscent of our first date,” she says.

The couple married on April 29, 2017 at the Old Cigar Warehouse in Greenville, SC.

A close friend married the couple. Their siblings shared readings from song lyrics. And true to the evolution of their relationship – a live band played. In speaking of that day, Suzannah gushes over some of the details that made all the difference.“The florist just blew me away,” she shares. “The flowers were breathtaking. And I’m not sure she realized she did this, but she put a floxglove flower in the middle of my bouquet, and ‘Foxglove’ was the name of the first song Justin and I danced to as husband and wife.”

A sweet highlight? The pie bar. “We did a pie bar for dessert under the pergola after we got married underneath it,” she notes, with heightened excitement in her voice. “The whole thing just made my heart explode – I loved it.”

Referring back to the early days of their relationship, Suzannah remembers having a conversation with Justin about the concerts the two Virginia natives had been to growing up. They determined that they’d both been to a lot of the same shows in the same venues. “We’d been in the same room so many times, and we just didn’t know it,” Suzannah recalls. “It’s like I’d already known him forever.”


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