shannon + tracy

shannon + tracy

special note: we love a good love story. which is why we partnered with the talented julia fay photography to bring some toth shop magic to some beautiful love stories. stay tuned as we continued to share more of these special stories through this summer of love. 

Tracy Shook made a solid first impression on Shannon Day Williams.

“He sent me a message that he’d call me tomorrow, and he actually did,” Williams remembers with admiration and a quick laugh.

Their first date was at Bakersfield, a fun, bustling tacos and tequila spot on East Boulevard in the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte; the date ended several hours later when the two shutdown Lebowski’s, a sports bar further down the street.

“We just kind of made our way down East Boulevard,” Shannon says. “It was awesome; we just couldn’t stop talking.”

Though they connected over middle ground almost immediately, Shannon and Tracey come from two different worlds; they’re two different people. Shannon, a native of New Jersey, moved to North Carolina approximately five years ago; having traveled to the Queen City for work for years, she was ready to get out of New York. A natural planner with city energy, sass, and spunk, she was ready for a change. Charlotte’s southern charm fit the bill. Tracy is a North Carolina native son. A natural and warm Southern gentleman, he was born and raised in Claremont, 50 miles northeast of Charlotte; he is gentle, calm, relaxed.

As different as they appear to be, their magic is how they complement each other.

“You calm me down,” Shannon says to Tracey, as they walked around the Dairy Barn during the engagement photo shoot. “You’re the mellow to my high strung.”

“She keeps me in line,” Tracy notes.

After three years together, they’ve shared a lot – trips to places as close as Charleston and as romantic as Jamaica, a home renovation in Madison Park, a wild and unruly junkyard dog named Lucy.

Tracy asked Shannon to marry him on a cold, sunny Sunday morning in November 2016. He proposed at the fountain in downtown Savannah, Georgia. After Shannon said yes, they enlisted strangers to take their picture and capture the moment.

“There was a lady who came out of nowhere, and said, ‘That’s what’s up’ when she realized what had just happened,” Shannon says, as they both laugh remembering that.

The memory of that funny phrase in that important moment explains yet another unique, sixth sense the two share – their sense of humor.  Shannon’s contagious, fun laugh and Tracy’s more measured and dry sense of humor is another way in which they not only connect, but also complement each other.

“We make each other laugh,” says Tracy.

“And we laugh like hell,” notes Shannon.

The couple will marry on Saturday, September 16, 2017 at the Dairy Barn in Fort Mill, South Carolina, surrounded my friends and family.

What are they most excited for as they look forward to the wedding? The music. They’ve enlisted a bluegrass band and a DJ – unique on their own, yet perfect complements to each other that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

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