lauren + kyle

lauren + kyle

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Lauren Bowers and Kyle Glass are a true testament to the power of faith, hope, and love. This love story starts 11 years ago.

Though the two are both originally from Rock Hill, South Carolina, they didn’t meet until they were teenagers. When Rock Hill was rezoned, Lauren’s younger brother was to attend to a different high school than his older sister. It was at her brother’s new high school baseball team celebration banquet where Lauren briefly met one of her brother’s teammates – Kyle Glass.

A year later, the two would see each other again at the same banquet. Kyle asked Lauren’s brother for his permission to ask her out. They dated that summer. But, yet, there was always a looming shadow that this wouldn’t work out long-term. They’d be ten hours away from each other during the school year.

The two would see each other when they were both home on holidays or summer vacations. They dated briefly following college graduation; then, broke up. Despite Kyle’s multiple job transfers through the Southeast, the two stayed in communication.

Then, Kyle came home to Rock Hill one weekend from Bentonville, Arkansas. Lauren, who lived in Charleston, South Carolina, was home that weekend, as well. “I met Kyle out that night after I came home early from a date,” she says. “And I thought to myself that I really think I still have feelings for him.”

Not long after that evening, Kyle invited Lauren to Arkansas. Lauren was excited – and nervous. “Kyle was always that standard,” she says. “No matter who I went out with, I always compared him to Kyle. It really worried me to think that if this weekend didn’t go well, I wouldn’t end up with him.”

That weekend went amazingly well.  A month later in September 2016, Kyle visited her in Charleston where he admitted to Lauren that she’d always been the one. Four days after Christmas that year, Kyle sat down with Lauren’s dad to ask for her hand in marriage.

Kyle was scheduled to come to Charleston for the Southeastern Wildlife Expo on Friday, February 17, 2017. That Thursday, Lauren had been to the gym, and then grocery shopping – she was busy and distracted, price comparing between Trader Joe’s and Publix. Admittedly clueless when it comes to timing, Lauren was on her own schedule that afternoon. Kyle kept calling her, asking where she was.

“He finally called me again, and he starts pouring his heart out over the phone while I’m in Publix,” Lauren recalls, laughing now. “I told him I’d see him soon figuring he’d be coming in the next day.”

Lauren returned home; she was unloading the groceries when the doorbell rang. It was Kyle; he arrived a day early – a complete surprise to Lauren. “He walked inside, and we were trying to find the light switch,” Lauren says. “Before I knew it, he had dropped down to one knee to ask me to marry him.” Excited and overwhelmed, she said yes.

He brought with him a bottle of Dom Perignon from 2006 – the year they met.

The two will be married on November 4, 2017 at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Rock Hill with a reception to follow in McBryde Hall at Winthrop University. Following the wedding, they will reside in Birmingham, Alabama, where Kyle currently lives and works. It will be the first time since childhood that the two live in the same city at the same time. It’s solid proof that good love knows no distance.

And what does Lauren love about Kyle? “Everything,” she states, confidently and beautifully. “He’s fun, adventurous, selfless, kind. I just never thought I’d be loved like this.”

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